Dr. Bryan Pascoe

Dr. Pascoe is coming in to help the practice expand it’s hours to in order to better serve the Grassland community. Dr. Pascoe lives in the Fieldstone Farms neighborhood with his wife and 3 children. Dr. Pascoe has close ties to the community. He has worked with the gymnastics team at Harpeth School of Gymnastics. His wife is a special needs aid at Lipscomb Elementary in the Williamson County School System. Dr. Pascoe’s youngest 2 children go to school at Lipscomb Elementary and his oldest son is in 8th grade at nearby Grassland Middle School.

Dr. Pascoe graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus at the top of my class in 2015. Dr. Pascoe is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist. He completed his course work through the Carrick Institute for Doctoral Studies in Orlando, Florida. At the end of chiropractic school I completed my internship with a chiropractic neurologist just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Through his internship he was given the opportunity to work with patients suffering from Tourette’s, Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Positional Orthrostatic Hypotension, Migraines, Dysautonomia, Vertigo, BPPV, Balance Disorders, Dystonia, Concussions and other Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Upon moving to Nashville 4 years ago Dr. Pascoe purchased Belle Meade Chiropractic Center.

Dr. Bollenbaugh thanks and welcomes Dr. Pascoe to the practice as he will be a great addition to Grassland Chiropractic!

Dr. Bollenbaugh has 15 years of experience in Occupational Medicine and Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams. In the past year, several large commercial transportation companies have sought out his services and experience. These new, exciting opportunities have divided the time he has been able to commit to the office. Dr. B is committed to helping Dr. Pascoe expand and better serve the Grassland community. Dr. Pascoe, being a former collegiate athlete, brings experience as an excellent adjuster of the spine and extremities. Dr. Pascoe’s background with Chiropractic Neurology will provide Grassland Chiropractic patients additional treatment options for their health.